Last Orders: ‘Our weight is none of the state’s business’

August 29, 2016

On this episode of Last Orders, our podcast on all things nanny state, Tom Slater, Chris Snowdon and Rob Lyons discuss the government’s obesity strategy, what our Theresa May's government will mean for lifestyle freedom, and the snobbery of the war on booze.


‘Sporting drama at its best’

August 28, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Duleep Allirajah looks back at the Rio Olympics, Luke Gittos tells us why we should scrap the Human Rights Act and Alan Miller discusses the Night Tube and the war on nightlife.


‘Hate speech must be free speech’

August 20, 2016
On this week's spiked podcast, Brendan O'Neill looks at new hate crime initiatives; Sadhvi Sharma and Naomi Firsht discuss feminism and censorship; and Brian Denny makes the left-wing case for Brexit.

‘Even when the Olympics is bad, it’s still great’

August 13, 2016

On this week’s spiked podcast, Mick Hume discusses the Rio Olympics; Joanna Williams explains why she’s fed up of the grammar-schools debate; and Will Franken talks comedy, offence and the Edinburgh Fringe.


‘We need liberty, not therapy’

August 6, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Jon Holbrook discusses the Scottish Named Person scheme; Sabine Beppler-Spahl looks at Germany's week of horror; and Jacob Furedi discusses the recent protests at Byron burger.


‘We have to fight for democracy all over again’

July 31, 2016

In this episode of the spiked podcast, Brendan O'Neill, Phil Mullan and Jennie Bristow discuss their contributions to the the latest issue of the spiked review: A New Europe.


Ann Furedi: ‘There is a moral case for abortion’

July 23, 2016

In this week’s spiked podcast, to mark the publication of her new book The Moral Case for Abortion, Ann Furedi explains why it is crucial that we uphold women’s bodily autonomy.


‘After Nice, no more apologising - let’s defend liberty’

July 16, 2016

Brendan O'Neill says we need to rediscover the Bastille spirit.


‘We must invoke Article 50 now’

July 9, 2016

Brendan O'Neill, Luke Gittos, Blair Spowart and Charlie Peters discuss Brexit, democracy and our Invoke Article 50 NOW! campaign.


Last Orders: ‘Public-health groups are behaving like religious sects’

July 6, 2016

On this month's Last Orders, spiked's podcast on all things nanny state, Tom Slater and Chris Snowdon are joined by author and former GP Michael Fitzpatrick to discuss whether obese people are malnourished; why the World Health Organisation is so concerned about smoking in Syria; and public health's exploitation of the youth.