Meet the cartoonist being punished for giving offence

November 19, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Bill Leak tells the story of his run-in with the Australian Human Rights Commission, and why he's still standing up for free speech.


President Trump: revolter or autocrat?

November 12, 2016

On this week’s spiked podcast, Nick Gillespie, Wendy Kaminer and Sean Collins discuss Donald Trump’s victory and the aftermath of the election.


The rise of Trump: spiked’s US election special

November 4, 2016
In this spiked podcast special, we're talking Trump: Damon Linker discusses the smearing of Trump supporters; Joel Kotkin lifts the lid on the anti-Trump oligarchs of Silicon Valley; and Daniel McCarthy explains why he's an 'intellectual for Trump'.

‘The gay-cake ruling is an affront to free speech’

October 29, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Peter Tatchell discusses religious freedom after the Ashers Bakery case; Naomi Firsht talks about the rise of transgenderism; and Pauline Hadaway looks at the reaction to Brexit in Northern Ireland.


‘We must stand up for the idea of redemption’

October 21, 2016
On this week's spiked podcast, Brendan O'Neill discusses the response to the acquittal of Ched Evans; Tom Slater talks about the anniversary of the Black Panthers; and Wendy Kaminer looks at why Donald Trump is a danger to democracy.

‘Students should be challenged, not comforted’

October 15, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Frank Furedi discusses his new book 'What’s Happened To The University?'; Matthew Lesh talks about Australia's reaction to Brexit; and Sean Collins looks at the aftermath of the latest US presidential debate.


Last Orders: ‘Synthetic alcohol misses the point of drinking’

October 12, 2016

In the latest episode of Last Orders, our podcast on all things nanny state, Tom Slater and Chris Snowdon are joined by broadcaster, comedian and the author of Big Data: Does Size matter?, Timandra Harkness. We discuss sinnovation, the plunge in cancer rates and the NHS.

‘Theresa May is not the hero of Brexit’

October 8, 2016
On this week's spiked podcast, Mick Hume discusses Theresa May's Brexit promise; the director of ARC, Jane Fisher, explores the ethics of prenatal testing; and Dr Jordan Peterson stands up to what he calls the 'PC game'.

‘The fight for democracy is more urgent than ever’

October 1, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Brendan O'Neill looks at Brexit, 100 days after the vote, Luke Gittos discusses the Iraq war investigations and Mary Eberstadt looks at free speech and religious freedom.


‘Campus censors hold students in contempt’

September 24, 2016

On this week's spiked podcast, Tom Slater and Robby Soave discuss the rise of censorship on UK and US campuses.