Labour vs the people

September 28, 2018

Has Labour betrayed the working class? Does identity politics undermine democracy? Has trans censorship gone too far? Brendan O’Neill, Tom Slater, Fraser Myers, and special guest Sheri Berman, discuss. Support the spiked podcast here:


How #MeToo became a political weapon

September 21, 2018

Will #MeToo bring down Brett Kavanaugh? Are the Democratic Socialists of America overhyped? What is the point of the Lib Dems? Brendan O’Neill, Tom Slater, Fraser Myers and special guest Michael Tracey discuss. Support the podcast here:


Westminster’s war on the web

September 14, 2018

Should we have free speech on Facebook? What’s tearing apart the Tories? Is Serena a victim of sexism? Ella Whelan, Luke Gittos and Fraser Myers discuss. Support the podcast here:


The stupidity of banning Bannon

September 7, 2018

Is Steve Bannon a fascist? Why is Labour blind to anti-Semitism? Is Nike woke now? Tom Slater, Ella Whelan and Fraser Myers discuss. Support the podcast here:




Sell out Brexit? No deal

August 31, 2018

Is No Deal Brexit’s last hope? Is #MeToo eating itself? Has campus politics gone mainstream? Ella Whelan, Tom Slater and Fraser Myers discuss. Support the podcast here:


Bret Stephens: ‘Trump isn’t un-PC. He’s just an asshole’

May 7, 2018

On the latest spiked podcast, we talk to Bret Stephens, the New York Times columnist, about Trump, PC and the illiberalism of left and right.


Katie Roiphe: ‘I was called human scum just for criticising #MeToo’

April 20, 2018

Katie Roiphe talks to Tom Slater about the ‘weird energy’ and censorious rage of Twitter-feminism.


‘To defend democracy, we must defend the nation state’

March 30, 2018

Tom Slater and Michael Brendan Dougherty discuss the populist revolt.


Last Orders: The war on cheap booze

March 16, 2018

In the latest episode of Last Orders, our podcast on all things nanny state, Chris Snowdon and Tom Slater are joined by spiked editor Brendan O'Neill to discuss minimum pricing, calorie caps and whether watching Love Island is bad for your health.


Beware the oligarchs

February 16, 2018

On this week’s spiked podcast: Frank Furedi on Brexit, anti-Semitism and George Soros, Emily Hill on her new book, Bad Romance, and an extract from the spiked review’s interview with Joan C Williams.